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Your outdoor signs are the calling cards for the business. What do yours say about your company? Do your markers identify you as an outfit that is quickly eclipsing the competition? Do they point to you as a thought leader in your niche? How can you make these signage solutions matter – and what are your options in the first place?


Building Signs

Whether you choose an illuminated lightbox cabinet, dimensional letters or channel letters, your building sign is a wayfinding tool and marketing instrument rolled into one. As you identify your location for motorists and pedestrians alike, you also hint at the branding that your logo bespeaks.

Monument Signs


As a business owner, you cannot go wrong with a monument sign. It primarily addresses motorists and allows them to change lanes well ahead of reaching your location. It also identifies the entrance to your parking lot. When your storefront or office is located at a fair distance from the street and is therefore not easily seen right away, the monument marker acts as a wayfinding tool. Some business owners have added cabinet signs to their monuments to further enhance their advertising. Illuminated markers are ideal.




Stand out – quite literally – with a pylon that holds your cabinet sign high above ground. This is a good signage option for businesses that are near highways and also those that are along streets lined with other businesses. Standing out in this way ensures that you are seen.


Post Signs


When you need to provide some quick wayfinding assistance, the post sign is a good solution. It points the way to an entrance that may be around the corner, a department that can be accessed by crossing a courtyard or an office that is situated on another floor. Do not leave consumers or clients guessing! Make it easy for them to do business with you at your venue. These directional signs are also ideal for apartment complexes with an onsite leasing office.


The experts at Novalux Signs specialize in the manufacture and installation of all these outdoor signs – and more! We proudly serve Jacksonville and its surrounding business communities. Contact us today for more information and to get started on your signage order.

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